Forever 21

Kikkerland Yellow Submarine Shower CurtainSH13_520x400_1024x1024B_3cb13567-550d-4156-b05e-4f0a56a14c47_1024x1024

Throw in a dash of maritime adventure to your daily routine by shielding yourself behind this KikklerandTM Yellow Submarine…shower curtain that is! But with a bold graphic so closely replicating the real thing (in animated form), you’ll swear you’re on an underwater sea journey. Doubling up on getting clean and getting lost under the sea? Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us. Not available for in-store return.

  • Rings not included
  • 100% EVA
  • 72″ length x 72″ width
Vitaly Sua Ring & ChainSua-Vitaly-G_1024x1024Inspired by the myriad of lifestyles that surround the brand, VitalyTM produces unique unisex accessories to suit every walk of life. From Vitaly’sTM Elements collection, this Sua ring features a sleek bar curb ring and a longline box chain, so it can be worn either as a pendant or a ring. Striking in its simplicity and just as strong with its stainless steel make, this piece is an effortless accent to your everyday wardrobe. Not available for in- store return.

  • High polish finish
  • Lobster clasp
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Band width: 0.25″; Diameter of ring: 0.75″; Chain length: 30″
  • Measured from Size 7


Phone Arm Band (Sportswear)8e2116437b70116e66830967d9f62553--phone-accessories-foreverThe best part about a routine run? Getting to tune out the world with a heart-pumping playlist. The worst part? Having to lug your phone in your hand, pocket, or (worst case scenario) having it slip out of either and cracking on the ground. Before you give yourself any stress envisioning those hypotheticals, slip on this neoprene arm band to prevent any of those nasty possibilities from ever happening! Position this piece to your liking and fasten it securely with its velcro back. It’s complete with a clear front allowing you to maneuver your touchscreen phone with ease, so your focus can stay on the field…and maybe which song to play next.

  • Lightweight
  • Main: 100% neoprene; Trim 1: 100% PVC; Trim 2: 100% nylon
  • Main case: 6.5″ height x 5″ width; Arm strap: 1.75″ height x 12.5″
  • Wipe clean with soap and damp cloth

Nylon Fanny Pack (Sportswear)

With a sleek design to carry small essentials during your hands-free workout, this nylon fanny pack is the front runner for…well, runners! It features two front pockets (a main compartment and a petite one) and an adjustable strap, so storing keys and cash are essentially a breeze. Simply leave this piece next to the door to get up, get ready, and get on the go in a flash.