The Art of Shaving – Eucalyptus Essential Oil SPF 1500670535715481

You perfected your clean cut, used an intoxicating blend of premium products and are just about to seal the deal on your polished presentation; you’re just missing the final touch. The masters at The Art of Shaving bring you yet another ingenious shaving essential: The Art of Shaving Eucalyptus Essential Oil SPF 15. Dedicated to providing all the elements needed for a truly pressed arrival and an equally crisp aftermath, this lotion is specially formulated to hydrate and refresh your recently sheared skin with emollients, an invigorating aroma and (most importantly) broad-spectrum protection. Lightweight and non-greasy to the touch and quick to absorb, this lotion locks in moisture without the greasy, heavy feel.

Lingering with an invigorating hint of eucalyptus without overpowering the senses and made suitable for normal to oily akin types, it seamlessly meshes into your day-to-day grooming regimen with little to no afterthought. Utilizing a blend of ingredients unique to replenishing moisture and nutrients into the skin while reinforcing your skin’s natural barrier, this multipurpose essential oil breaks through the norm as a shaving and skin staple. A simple yet notable addition to your already curated collection of morning (or evening) prep repertoire, it’s the refined finisher needed to round out your nearly immaculate routine.

Key Ingredients:

  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil: provides a cool, refreshing experience during application
  • Aloe Barbadensis Flower Extract: helps hydrate, reduce irritation and soothe skin
  • Blue Chamomile Essential Oil: relaxes your senses while the quick-absorbing formula protects your skin from the sun

Glampalm – 1″ Simpletouchdownload

Mastering a myriad of hairstyles is hardly an issue for you, and as you may know, it’s all about the tool you use to lock in a flawless finish. And with the seemingly endless options out there, how is Glampalm 1″ Simpletouch any different? Outside of its expertly engineered design and easy-to-use functions, it’s the world’s first motion-activated flat iron. By simply tapping the plates together, the tool instantly powers up to save on time and how-to woes. Lending to stick-straight style without tugging or pulling at the follicles, it ensures a high-gloss shine and long-lasting, flawless finish.

Uniquely designed with Healing StoneTM technology infused ceramic coating on the plates, this tool swiftly smooths through the hair with a lower heat (a.k.a. safer on the strands). Complete with 3D Ball Type Swivel for optimal styling mobility and dynamic cushion and tilt functions, providing minimal pressure and maximum precision all at once, it’s that quick trick to achieving healthier, shinier and an undeniably covetable set of locks.

Danielle Creations – Black Cosmetic Trunks-l1600
Powders, foundations, moisturizers and more—you’re one makeup maven who’s stocked with an entire arsenal of prep-and-present essentials. And although your cosmetics collection is well curated, the form in which they are housed is not; they’re covering countertops, piling drawers and quickly spilling onto the floor. Masterfully crafted with a sturdy exterior showcasing a subtle, tonal textured pattern, Danielle Creations Black Cosmetic Trunk is built secure by way of metal trim and a top drawbolt closure with complementing key. The breakdown: this trunk is how easy storage and optimal organization is done.
Inside you will find a pristine, pebbled faux leather interior with a horizontally staggered 2-tier deck and a 4-tray bottom compartment with padded walls to ensure minimal damage to your precious products. Spacious in its entirety yet compartmentalized to suit brushes and sample sizes alike, this one-shot cosmetic carryall takes the guesswork out of all your where’s my woes.

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