Published Works

DAILY 49er


Our View: Critiquing the war on Xmas


Building Bridges Between Branches 11/18/2013:

Organic Fashion 11/04/2013:

Naked With Rogen in the Desert 12/01/2013:


The dating deck: generation tinder 01/22/2014:

Anti-smoking ad “The Smoking Kid” enlightens smokers 01/20/2014:

Men with authority shoot to kill and receive a slap on the wrist 01/21/2014:

Jellybean Inspired Video Should Inspire Young People to Live 12/02/2013:

Google Should Reconsider its Satellite Imagery Programs in US 12/01/2013:

Podcast Our View Critiquing the war on Xmas 12/08/13:


Drag Kings Take Over the Nugget 11/20/2013:

Queer Hip Hop Returns 11/19/2013:

Active Shooter Demo 10/16/2013:

Nursing Department Gains Two New Labs 09/26/2013:

SSO Brings Saudi Clothes & Food & Culture 09/23/2013:

PAC Aims To Send Help to the Philippines 11/13/2013:

Long Beach Fire Academy Comes to Campus 11/11/2013:

New Club Hopes to Bridge Gap Between Farmers and Food 10/01/2013:

Students & Zombies Cheer at LB Marathon 10/13/2013:

Students Gather at Brotman Hall in Remembrance of Suicide Victims 10/01/2013:

Campus Moviefest Filmmaking Race Begins 10/22/2013:


CSULB Trends 10/14/2013:

CSULB Trends 10/07/2013:


Style guru bio:

What to wear interview 01/17/13:

What to wear internship 01/24/13:

What to wear library 01/31/13:

What to wear cold weather 02/07/13:

What to wear brunch 02/14/13:

What to wear errands 02/21/13:

What to wear midterms 02/28/13:

What to wear class 03/14/13:

What to wear spring break 04/04/13:

What to wear weekend wear 04/11/13:

Foam Magazine

Foam Magazine Bio:

Tuneage | Grimes goes on tour this fall 06/11/12:

Beauty | We love Peter Lamas haircare products 06/20/12:

Beauty | We love One Love organics 06/26/12:

Street Style | Drais pool party 06/27/12:

Street Style | Abbot Kinney 08/09/12:

Event | 2012 Reebok CrossFit games 07/17/12:

Diet | Five diet cleanses we (might actually) try 02/28/13:

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