CollegeFashionista “What to wear”: Interview


‘Tis the season for college internships! Although many internships are unpaid, the stress that comes with perfecting the interview is all the same. The best way to leave a promising impression is to carry inner confidence with a chic, business casual style. Knowing what to wear for an interview is smartly exemplified by this Fashionisto.

When arriving to an interview, it is important to dress sharp as well as age-appropriate. This Fashionisto did it right by mixing fashion-forward fabrics and prints. He went with a clean, white button-down and showed his personal style by wearing a unique plaid cotton tie. Also, rather than wearing a safe, black blazer, this Fashionisto opted to offset his black trousers with a gray tweed blazer. This adjustment softens the business professional look while maintaining the look of success!

What I personally enjoy the most about this Fashionisto’s interview look are his brown leather oxfords. Black oxfords are a great staple to have in every Fashionisto’s closet but brown oxfordshelp stray away from wearing black on black and creates perfect color harmony. An investment I would also advise is a professional portfolio to carry cover letters and resumes. Don’t go in looking sharp with a dented summary of your life!

One Simple Change: This Fashionisto can head straight from the interview to dinner with friends by swapping out the oxfords for a pair of casual, tan loafers and ditching the tie!


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